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Our Purpose

We believe in the power of giving and unity.

For every gift item purchased – a donation is given to our local charities, churches, and schools so we can build healthier, loving, and wiser communities.

Using this method of donation, will guarantee to spread wealth and build the bridges where funds is lacking within our communities.

How did we develop this concept of giving?

It all began with one question in high school to my World Geography teacher in 1994.

Why isn’t there enough money to circulate around the world and prevent poverty if money is just a printed piece of paper? Can’t the government just print enough money in the communities who is lacking funds and distribute an equal portion to help eliminate poverty?

Her reply – you would think that would be the answer but it doesn’t work like that.

Money is powered by the consumers who spend it within their community. If they are not making purchases from local businesses – then the money is not circulating within our communities to help build up our cities and decrease poverty.

In other ethnic communities –when money is spent it circulates at least 5 times within that community after the first purchase before it leaves and is spent in another community.

This buying concept increases the wealth within that community.

Here’s a known fact, in our minority communities –the face of money is only circulates twice before it is spent outside of our community.

With this method – poverty lingers and remains – the value of money diminishes quickly. This method does not allow wealth to build up in minority communities and the cycle of poverty to decrease or end.

The only way to solve this ongoing cycle – is to support local businesses and charities within our community which will allow them to create job opportunities and build wealth within our community.

Victorious Fundraising Solutions purpose is to bridge the gap of poverty through donating to organizations in our community and around the world through the sale of our branded products and inspirational gifts via our online gift shop www.victoriousfundraisingsolutions.com

When we shop within our community and support one another – WE ALL WIN!


Victorious Fundraising Solutions Company